Many people say whenever they want to do something new, they get both types of thoughts, positive and negative.

But after some seconds or minutes, the positive thoughts vanish and negative thoughts increase in size. And because of that, they take a step back because the image of those thoughts becomes huge, and when they think about the consequences, they avoid taking any decisions to move further.

This simple, positive and negative thoughts grow, with the same level, as universe blesses everyone without any partiality.

It is up to us how do we deal with that. If it is a negative thought, which is making its image bigger than using your mind, you can make the image smaller.

Also it creates another form of negativity which is “Anger”. Do you know how to handle this anger or how to overcome this?

First of all you need to understand anger comes in the picture of anyone. It happens when something is not expected from the person you expect something else but the person does exactly opposite of the same.

Here you need to understand first, that the understanding of the person in front of you is only till there. He cannot think beyond that situation because his mind is blocked to understand all that.

Once you will prepare you mind to come in the acceptance mode. You will learn the secret to handle the anger forever.

Ø  Also whenever the negative thought pops up into your mind, show it a positive experience from your past where you performed well and everyone appreciated you. This could be the best employee of the month, any award and reward, something which people said to you that this cannot be done but you were still able to do that.

When you will show this example to your mind, the mind will accept that, and now it will give you the positive thoughts to perform or most of the possibilities to work on your task.

This is one of the best exercises you can perform whenever you get negative thoughts in your mind.

Also remember that events happen in life at every moment, but it is we who give them a meaning as positive or negative. If you take those events, positive or negative, both might become your belief or experience for life.

And if most of the time you get negative thoughts, it is the environment which is responsible for that. As environment is an immense player to create your thoughts into positive or negative. This could be people around you, in your group, in your office where you spend most of your time, the place where you live. This creates a big mess with your thoughts.

Be with people who appreciate you for your good task instead of blaming you for not doing or leaving something of that.

There are many ways to change your environment.

Once you will change your environment, it will help you to keep your thoughts positive and will help you move into the right direction.

By being positive, you can change your attitude, and that will turn your mind from failure to efforts.

Many of us say that when people talk, they also use the negative words, phrases, affirmations and so on which impact our mind somewhere or the other and give negative thoughts.

If it happens, then try one of the powerful methods which is whenever anyone gives you any negative command, affirmations, in your mind say, “It is our view” or “it is your thinking.”

Once you will say this sentence to yourself internally, your mind will dissociate that sentence and will take that command as a view of that person and will not impact you in any way.


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Prashant Saini is a leading Certified NLP Life Coach and Memory Trainer. He is also a Master Reiki Healer.

He is a renowned Author of the book “Empower Your Life- With Powerful Techniques of NLP” and has launched many audio programs to empower the society and to reprogram the subconscious mind.