Two days workshop In current scenario, this workshop is highly needed for the students as they are stressed and scared. They are living in uncertainty and experiencing a number of mental and emotional issues. Parents, teachers and school authorities have already recognized this challenge. NLP techniques taught in this workshop will change the lives of students completely. Need of the Program?

  • Student is the most stressed out community among all
  • Increase in suicidal rate due to pressure of studies and expectation of parents
  • Concentration Issues in students
  • Lack of Interest in studies whereas increase of interest in social media, television, movies etc
  • Underdevelopment of Senses in kids
  • Parenting Issues

Benefits of the Program

  • Memory Retention -Improve memory to remember things in a single go
  • Memorize Vocabulary, Current Affair Events, General Knowledge, Formulae, Long Paragraph, Flow Charts, Chemical Equations, Maps, Spellings, Lists in a particular sequence etc
  • Erase patterns of fear/phobia of exams or subjects
  • Improve confidence for exam, subject, interview or public speaking
  • Get rid of painful memories of past
  • Create a bright future full of wonderful goals
  • Improve Self- Image
  • Sharpen the senses for better learning
  • Create good behaviour and remove unwanted behaviours

You can book a 15 minutes discovery call with me during which we will discuss the issues you are facing & how I (Prashant Saini) can help you.


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Prashant Saini is a leading Certified NLP Life Coach and Memory Trainer. He is also a Master Reiki Healer.

He is a renowned Author of the book “Empower Your Life- With Powerful Techniques of NLP” and has launched many audio programs to empower the society and to reprogram the subconscious mind.