Samar was a wonderful performer in his organization. In last 4-5 years he continuously was getting the best employee award followed by many performance achievers awards. But for last 5 months his performance was continuously going down. Leaders were worried about the same.

What do you think what could be the issue?

Friends, if you are a businessman and really wish to create the more positive results in your organization and increase the profit, then there are some tips you can apply. First, you seek the support of the employees like “Samar” who are working in the organization on different levels. Everyone knows that but here the question which arises how to handle those levels and motivate them to work towards the goal of the organization. Employees like “Samar” should be handled carefully, so that, he gives positive results. To resolve any issue with people, you need to first understand as to what are those causes which are impacting them and due to which they are not able to perform.


There are some reasons: –

  • When they internally being threatened. Here higher management needs to closely find out their beliefs and values are not threatened. Sometimes when any vertical change or appraisal happens in the organization it happens; or any decisions have been taken about a particular employee like, his movement from one department to another, without taking him into confidence.
  • Find out if the self-respect of an employee is threatened and he has been treated badly. Self-respect is more important for everyone and if anyone tried to hit that the other person will take some steps to guard it which also cannot be in favor of the organization in terms of getting the desired results. So, make sure in your organization, anyone’s self-respect is not threatened.
  • Miscommunication: when a miscommunication happened between the two (Manager and employee). When a task is given to the employee and he misunderstood that it may not create the desired results. When the manager talked to the employee about the same, the employee takes that as a threat and as a result a change in his behavior might be observed. So, take care of this also and if anything like this happens handle that patiently.
  • Also, have you ever gone through any experience where you met a person and instantly you felt that you don’t like that person, don’t even like to talk to that person? If “Yes” it needs to be taken care immediately as this might create worst results for your organization.

Samar might have experienced any of the issues mentioned and should be treated instantly as he is an asset to the company.

There are some mind techniques which can help you to address some issues like this. And if you really want to see your organization growing then take the action know but learn that how to handle those situations because most the situations which have been mentioned above happen at the level of subconscious mind.


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Prashant Saini is a leading Certified NLP Life Coach and Memory Trainer. He is also a Master Reiki Healer.

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